• Solar Power Survival Backpack

Solar Power Survival Backpack

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Survive The Outdoors This Season With Solar Power Survival Backpack- The Bag Helps You Survive Any Outdoor Adventure Without Running Out Of Battery

Tired of going on your hiking trip and your phone runs out of juice? or how about when your camera dies? or even worse...your GPS dies and you don't know your way back? Not to worry we've come up with a way we can fix all three. Introducing Solar Power Survival Backpack- The ultimate all-in-one solution that lets you capture nature, keep your Smartphones charged and your GPS so that you never get lost again.

Uniquely made with a removable power bank that is solar powered and waterproof. Allowing you to charge all of your smart devices such as smartphones, cameras, Kindles, and GPS devices in all weather conditions. Simply find some direct sunlight and it's ready to charge all of your devices.

Comes with a built-in drinking pouch that can fit up to a half a gallon of water. Allowing you to stay hydrated on those hot and sunny trails without carrying a ton of water bottles in your bag.

3D breathable fibers stitched into the padding for maximum protection and support. Not only keeping you dry and comfortable but it also takes all the impact directly off of your shoulders and back. Saving you from any lingering or future joint pain down the road.

Over the years we've been getting swarms of repeat customers constantly writing us back telling us how much they love the Solar Power Survival Backpack. What's really amazing about this product that our customers write to us about is its ease of use and convenience it gives you that no other bag on the market can give you. Get yours today so you can enjoy the outdoors in peace.


Solar Charging Battery Pack- So that you can keep your phone charged even when you don't have an outlet near you. Find some direct sunlight and you're good to go. Keeping your smart devices charged at all times.

Adjustable & Comfortable- Fits all torso lengths and made with 3D breathable fabric cover straps. Which means it fits all body types without any discomfort and keeps you dry, cool, and comfortable all day long.

Lightweight & Easy To Travel With- Doesn't weigh a ton and built with strong durable fibers that don't rip, break, or tear. Giving you support when you go hiking, fishing, biking or even camping without the bag weighing a ton and still keep all of your belongings safe.

Durable- Built tough as nails and can last a lifetime. Fully weatherproof so you never have to worry about any bad weather ruining your belongings inside of the bag.

Our Guarantee- If for any reason that you feel that this product isn't for you, feel free to send us an e-mail at our store address and we'll promptly refund your money no questions asked.

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